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The process of having a commission made is one of my favorite experiences as an artists. It allows me the opportunity to create one of a kind pieces that express moments and experiences in other peoples lives. Each custom commission painting I create is unique and individual to each collector. I am going to try and outline the typical commission process here. If you're interested in the commission process or considering if its the right fit for you please read this information and fill out the form below to begin the conversation! 


  • In order to begin a commission I like to work from a photo or several photos. They don't need to be photos you've taken, internet images or screen grabs work well too. I need them for color and composition reference throughout the painting process. 
  • After I have received the image I will create 2-3 digital sketches with differences in color and composition for you to choose from. This is the part where we work together to make sure that you're completely in love with the composition of the future painting. 
  • Once we have finalized the sketches, I will take half of the cost of the painting up front. This way I will be able to purchase supplies and materials to create the piece as well as protecting my investment in the painting.
  • Painting each piece can take anywhere from 2 weeks to 3 months, it just depends on the size and complexity of the painting. Its also important to allow time for shipping in the overall timeline. I will also provide progress pictures for those who don't want to be surprised! 
  • Once the painting is finished I will take the second half of the payment before I ship or deliver the painting. The process for making payments comes by way of email in invoices you can pay with credit card. When the final payment clears I will package up the painting, or paintings and send them to the address you provide. Ive never had any problem shipping work, and have confidently sent work internationally. 
  • The final invoice will be a reimbursement to me for the shipping once the painting arrives safely. Its difficult to calculate shipping before everything is packed and ready so I find its easier to ship on my dime and send a follow up invoice.  
  • Thats it!! This is truly one of the best parts of being and artist. If you want 


Things to remember:  its important to talk about expectations up front. Having a custom painting made is more expensive than buying something I have already created. The cost covers the time taken to create the piece, but also the countless hours of designing, sketching, color correcting and paint mixing that happens. These paintings are created by hand so they aren't going to be flawless, I do take pride in my work and intend to create the most beautiful pieces that hopefully become family heirlooms. 

Here are a few examples of cost to help in your decision process. 

24x36 Framed in pine- $1400 + $135 shipping (From MN to TX)

30x40 Framed in walnut- $1750 + $180 shipping (From MN to VA)

Three Panel 24x36- $2950 + $250 shipping (From MN to CA) 


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